Monday, June 6, 2011


            He was aligned with one of the most powerful and vicious mobs that was ruling America.  But there had been a falling out, a serious falling out, and mob goons arrived at his home in the dark of night to settle the matter.  They knocked out house windows and pumped raw gasoline into what was a stately residence.  In short order, it was a funeral pyre, projecting flames upward into the night sky. 

            There was no police station to call; these had been shut down, along with the judicial court system.   You could call a private protection company, sign a service agreement, and pay substantial cash deposit in advance. 

            As for fire protection, two independent, for-profit, fire companies spotted the rising flames and raced to the site, each anxious to make a good night’s pay.  They arrived simultaneously and, being bitter rivals fighting over territory, they exchanged gunfire.

            House occupants, two adults and three children, miraculously escaped the flames and assembled on the lawn only to see goons sledge-hammer windows of their two cars, dump in gasoline and torch them both.  The family could see that all was lost, their home, the furnishing, the kid’s books, school desks and papers.  Public schools had been shut down and most kids were now home-schooled.  Neighbors were seen viewing this from their lawns or from behind their windows.  They made no move to assist.  Any form of help would have subjected them to similar brutal attack.

            Such threatened families would normally move elsewhere, but there was no longer local or international protection: no militia or armed services, land, sea or air.  The Coast Guard had been abandoned and borders were wide open to piracy and free flow of criminals and drugs.  Overseas, U. S. embassies had been shut down, support of the United Nations withdrawn, and international banking relations broken off.

            Americans knew that if they needed help, here or abroad, they would hardly get it from President Grover Norquist.  He was too busy dismantling postal and weather services; veterans and public health services; auto, rail, air, and space programs; dams and rural electrification; all federal museums, libraries, monuments, and parks; and with the summary dismissal of 4.5-million government employees.   

            Welcome to tax-free America!